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Top Marketing Campaigns of 2020

In the midst of the chaos from the COVID-19 pandemic, companies took a moment to rethink their marketing and adapt it to the current times.

COVID-19 forced a natural selection of businesses. Many did not survive COVID-19. Others wondered how much longer they would be able to last. And others adapted.

The ones that adapted turned the uncertainty into opportunity and showed us their most creative side on short notice. Below are examples of a few big companies that accomplished this.


In early March, the virus spread across Europe and North America. Meanwhile, Guinness launched its 'St. Patrick's Day Message' campaign. The overall uplifting, inspirational tone combined with them addressing the virus was a brilliant idea. Giving its customers hope is a great way to connect positive emotions to the brand.


Bumble was another company that successfully used the lockdown and pandemic to their marketing advantage. Helena Bonham Carter's narrative style suits the video format really well. The ad is relatable, witty and topical. But it's also describes an awkward process optimistically.


Similar to Guinness' approach of providing hope, Expedia's ad beautifully demonstrated how the pandemic had slowed things down. While showing the best of the current situation, it adorned how exciting travel is and provided a sense of desire for their customers for when things do go back to normal.


Burger King's most popular burger was marketed as being without preservatives or any artificial ingredients. The best way to do that is by showing customers results. The perfect looking burger that attracts most of its fan base is now shown to be real. The time lapse over 34 days, albeit uncomfortable to see, is genius.


After Corona Beers started being meme'd by consumers who thought it had any relation with the corona virus, they released a hilarious video addressing the situation head on. They also released a statement that they would pay $15 million dollars for the name of the virus to be changed to BudLight virus. The funny take on the situation was a masterful way of distinguishing from the two things, while also promoting the beer.

Let us know what you thought the best marketing campaign of 2020 was in the comments!

Stay in touch for the blog next week!

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