Signature Events

Regional Conference

Trade Show Conference

The Southern California Regional Conference allows our members to connect with students who are a part of AMA chapters across the Southern California region. It also allows students to hear from renowned speakers as well as network with professors in USC's marketing department. 

Corporate Sponsor Dinner

The Corporate Sponsor Dinner is a way for students to network with professionals from companies that support the operations of our organization.

International Collegiate Conference

The AMA International Collegiate Conference (ICC) is geared towards students looking to learn from industry professors about careers and cutting edge marketing and sales practices as well as students wanting to network with their peers. The ICC can inspire you and give you the tools you need to start your career as a young marketing professional.

Marketing Week

Marketing Week is a chance to showcase career opportunities in marketing and demonstrate the impact and value of marketing to the world at large. This week long programming is especially useful for anyone who is unsure of whether they are looking to pursue a career in marketing.

Social Impact Conference

The Social Impact Conference is a day long event that further exposes students to the corporate social responsibility aspect of a business. Students will hear from a panel of social entrepreneurs and learn more about ethical practices and opportunities for social entrepreneurship.

Workshops & Info Sessions

Workshops help our members strengthen skills in various areas, whether it is marketing concepts or interview techniques. We also host info sessions to allow companies to expose students to any job opportunities they may have available.

Company Tours

Company tours allow us to visit companies in the Los Angeles area in various industries and observe how they operate on a daily basis. We gain first hand experience on what it is like to work in a marketing department on any given day.

Service Events

Service events throughout the year allow us opportunities to give back to the community around us. In the past, we have worked with nonprofit organizations to help further their causes.

Social Events

Throughout the year, we host social events to help strengthen the marketing community within USC. These events hold a special importance to us as they allow us to connect with the AMA family. They help us get to know each other and serve as a source of support as we embark on our career journeys.