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What is Face to Face Marketing? Why is it Useful?

It’s marketing directly to customers using in-person communication as its primary form. It’s the kind of marketing that’s focused on hosting events and demonstrating the brand’s uniqueness live to drive up sales and increase exposure.

Face to face marketing is extremely useful since in this social media driven age the digital space is extremely saturated.

Meeting a potential customer in person can increase the conversion rate much more than responding to customer emails behind a screen. It helps you create a stronger bond with customers and adapt to their emotions by building trust and increasing validation.

It allows you to take control of your brand image and make sure your customer’s experience with your brand is as positive as possible.

It also increases accessibility. Customers' concerns and questions can be answered thoroughly to increase the chance of them handing over their money to you.

It allows you to demonstrate your product and let customers watch it in real time. This isn't available online because of rational fears of altered representation of products.

It gives the brand an opportunity to understand the customer better which in turn allows them to deliver a customized experience. Knowing your customer's wants and needs through conversation will let brand representatives give the customer the most appropriate product.

The biggest advantage is communication. Offering a smile or a handshake can already put the customer at ease. The power of being natural and holding an easy conversation makes the process smoother and more inviting to customers.

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