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Marketing Skills to Have

1. Content Marketing

All forms of marketing include understanding content and marketing it. Whether it’s website content, social media content or email content, they all need to be mastered to translate your audience to leads.

2. UX design

It’s a great addition to have on your resume. Recruiters are always trying to look for marketers that can help customer experience be smoother. Having experience with apps, software or website designs is beneficial and will make you stand out.

3. Analytics/Data Science

Creativity can be achieved by sorting through data too. All the data from Instagram accounts, Facebook and websites need to be analyzed to increase profits and understand customers better. Extracting actionable insights from data is a key skill for marketers to have.

4. Data visualization

All the insights you gather from the previous skill need to be presented in a cohesive way. using graphs, charts, infographics, tables etc. is an easier way for businesses and managers to understand the data and implement it.

5. SEO Skills

To ensure that the company you’re working for is searchable and accessible for consumers, it is important to learn SEO skills. SEO increases the quality and quantity of consumer traffic on your website. Utilizing the perfect keywords and understanding what your consumers are searching for is important.

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