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A Few Hacks For Your Masterful Marketing Presentation

1. Noun project

How much more polished do presentations look when they have icons in it? It looks professional, summarized and a perfect balance of information and visuals to keep your audience engaged.

2. Unsplash

Isn't it a struggle to find high quality images on the internet that are free for you to use in your presentation? Unsplash has a plethora of images for any topic you search and can bring your presentation to life.

3. App Annie

App store optimization is incredibly important for any strategy related to your app. App Annie is free!!! It gives you a keyword analysis for the app you search for, shows you how active the keywords have been over the month and gives you a rank for them. Using this website can elevate your ASO strategy by a lot without spending a single cent!

4. Emarketer

As USC students, we have access to Emarketer through the Marshall library. The website has a handful of marketing statistics for anything you search for. It’s a great tool to conduct market research and bring evidence to your presentation.

5. Beautiful AI

Along with Canva, Beautiful AI is a free tool to create flawless presentations. They have preset templates, or you could create your own. The themes and options are easy to navigate through and can help you deliver a very professional looking presentation.

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