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How to Market Yourself

1. Choose your target audience wisely

Focus, focus, focus. Find out your demographic in terms of gender, socio-economic status, location etc. This will help you navigate the behavior of your target audience and streamline the way you market yourself.

2. Make Social Media accounts

It displays your personality and is the easiest way for someone to find you. Not only can you create an aesthetic that reflects you, it gives you the opportunity to live stream and show engagement by replying to comments. It’s a great way to connect. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, TikTok, Pinterest and YouTube; there’s so many options, find the ones that fits your purpose best.

3. Set up a Website

You can put more information on a website than a social media account. It creates a presence and personal brand. It’s also an extremely official way to sell your services/products etc. Make an about me page and convey who you are to your audience.

4. Blog

Blog on your website to demonstrate your personal voice. You can talk about your accomplishments, history, hobbies, goals, interests, opinions and create a persona for yourself. It’s another way to stay connected with your audience.

5. Network!

I know it can be daunting to go out there and network but networking with people part of your niche or industry is always helpful. It can lead to future collaborations or just be a way to gain wisdom from others that have done this and are doing the same thing as you. You can establish a reputation and immerse yourself into a community of likeminded individuals.

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