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Social Media Tools to Know

This tool provides analytics on your content while identifying influencers for you. It’ll help you find popular and trending content for your topic. It allows you to use hashtags and keywords and filter your search by influencer, company, bloggers.

Wouldn’t it be cool to keep track of which topics and keywords are popular? Google trends helps you do exactly that while also letting you compare products etc. to competitors. It shows you interest over time, interest by subregion, related topics and related queries while allowing you to filter all of this by categories and time.

Keyword planner provides you with an easy interface to form ads, campaigns and find which keywords work best for you. It gives you statistics for those keywords and shows you related words too. This can help you with you content marketing strategies.

4. Canva

It’s FREE. For someone who has no experience with graphic creation, this is an extremely easy tool to learn and create high quality graphics for social media. All of it looks extremely professional and they provide you with a multitude of templates for logos, marketing posters, presentations, profile pictures etc.

An extremely powerful tool for looking at the statistics of your Facebook page. It helps you track active users, when the best time to post is including the day of the week, what kind of content is working for you etc. Whether it’s a business page or your personal page, Facebook insights is a great tool to play around with and learn more about.

Let us know if you have any cool social media tools!

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